Thursday, 22 December 2016

First Aid for Fever

Fever is also termed as pyrexia. It is one of the common illnesses found in the human being and also could be a symptom for other serious illnesses too. The temperature of the body would be taken to the above the normal range of temperatures. Fever would increase the chill of the body and also the muscle tone. Fever can be caused from various factors and reasons like bacterial conditions or can be viral. So, the fever can be a simple health problem that would be recovered in a few days or potentially dangerous too.  

What are the symptoms of Fever

The temperature of the body increases to more than 370 C or 98.60 F.

The skin becomes cold and pale.

The skin also becomes hot, clammy and flushed.

There will be pain and ache gets started.

The person will get the headache.

What is the First Aid for Fever

Let the person to lie on the bed and take good rest. 

The person should be warmed.

If the person continues to have higher temperature or if the temperature would continue to increase, then make an appointment with your doctor and meet.

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