Friday, 9 December 2016

First Aid for Fainting

Fainting is simply understood as loss of consciousness by the person. It can be caused from the low blood pressure or low blood flowing through the brain. It could generally be caused more in the women, happened because of the ill health and kinds of shocking news or shocking scenes. Sometimes it runs for shorter periods but may also go run for longer duration. If the fainting is because of the serious illness, the person may not be recovered to be conscious immediately. 

What are the symptoms when a person is fainted

The person would encounter temporary loss of the consciousness.

The skin becomes pale.

The pulse would start running slow.

What to do when a person is fainted

Ensure that the person would lie on the back.

If the cloths are tight, loosen the cloths.

Raise the legs of the person.

Let the person breath a fresh air. So open the door and window.

If you feel faint, do not place your head between the knees as there can be a danger of head hitting on the ground. If the unconsciousness continues for longer time, call for an ambulance. Do not forget to monitor the pulse and breathing of the person until the medical help is arrived.

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