Wednesday, 7 December 2016

First Aid for Eye Wounds

When the eye gets wounded, there could be a serious threat of the vision and so it may lead to see difficult. The wound should be treated immediately timely without any further delays. The wounds can be ranged from small to serious and so the right medical help should be given, if it is a serious wound. If the wound is big and serious, it may lead to the permanent loss of the vision. 

What are the symptoms of Eye wounds

The eye will start getting the pain after it is wounded.

There might be bleeding started from the eye.

The person will feel difficult to see with that eye. 

What is the First Aid for Eye Wounds

Make the person to lie on the back.

Let the person to keep the eye as still as possible.

Now make a sterile dressing of the injured eye.

Cover both the eyes with the bandage, so that the person would stop moving the injured along with the other eye.

Take the person to the hospital and help to get the medical help. 

If any foreign body has been embedded into the eye, do not try or attempt to remove them.

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