Monday, 7 November 2016

First Aid for Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar is also called as hypotension and it is not a disease, but a physiological condition of the patient. It could sometimes happen as a result of a shock, though there are many other causes. 

Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar

When the blood sugar is lowered, the person becomes weak.

Sometimes the weakness may lead to faint the body.

The person would fall in the state of confusion.

The skin becomes cold, clammy and also pale.

The pulse turns to be rapid and strong.

The person would start shallow breathing.

Hunger would be started.

First Aid for Low Blood Sugar - How to treat Low Blood Sugar

Let the person to sit calm or lie down carefully.

Give immediately any sugary drink like sweet tea, sugar dissolved in the water or the orange juice.

When the person has been recovered better, give some starchy or sweet food to eat. 

Let the person to take good rest.

Doctor has to be consulted to the diagnosis and the further medical help.

If at all the patient becomes unconscious, immediately call for an ambulance and get them in the recovery position. Do not stuff anything in the mouth to eat. Check the pulse and breathe continuously. The patient might need artificial ventilation. 

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