Saturday, 5 November 2016

First Aid for Hyperglycemia

High blood sugar is caused from the excessive glucose content in the blood. It is also called as a Hyperglycemia. It happens when the glucose levels becomes higher than 11.1 mmol/l. the symptoms are found only this value reaches 15 to 20. It could be life threatening if not treated immediately. Here under are the symptoms of the high blood sugar and first aid for high blood sugar.

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

The skin of the person with High Blood Sugar becomes dry.

The pulse would become rapid.

The person gets difficulty in breathing.

A strong feel of thirst is can be seen.

Patient go for the urination frequently.

High Blood Sugar may cause nausea.

The acetone-smelling breathe could be resulted.

There could be pain started in the abdomen.

When it is serious, the person with High Blood Sugar may become unconscious.

First Aid for Hyperglycemia - High Blood Sugar treatment

Call for an ambulance immediately as the person needs the immediate medical help.

If the person becomes unconscious, put them in recovery position.

Check the pulse and breathe of the person regularly.

Artificial ventilation might be needed. 

When such high blood pressure problems occur, not even single minute should be wasted to recover and get the medical help. Ensure that you are with the person until he or she gets the medical help.

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