Tuesday, 15 November 2016

First Aid for Foreign body in the eye

Eyes can get injured, when the foreign body gets into them. The object can be soft or hard. Necessary care should be taken if the object is hard and it is of metal. The object should not be tried to remove if it embedded hard. If it is soften and removable, remove it carefully from the eye.

Symptoms of Foreign body in the eye

The eye will be painful.

The eyelid would start twitching.

The eye would start watering.

Eye will also get and look bloodshot.

The person would find it difficult to see.

First Aid for Foreign body in the eye

Carefully look for the foreign body in the eye of the person.

Remove the foreign body carefully. If it does not come, use the damp corner of the kerchief and remove it carefully. Or you can also use a cotton bud.

Now clean the eye either with a glass of water or from the eye brush if available.

If anything is embedded in the eye, do not try to remove it. The eye should be lightly and softly covered by the sterile dressing and the he or she must be taken to the hospital for the medical help.

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