Monday, 14 November 2016

First Aid for Eye injuries from Corrosive Chemicals

The injury of the eye can be physical or from the chemicals. If the physical element caused the injury and if the element is corroded, it would be dangerous and needs serious medical help. So, if there is any metallic projectiles are come into contact with the eyes, immediate care has to be taken. So, ensure what has caused the eye injury.

Symptoms of Eye injuries from Corrosive Chemicals

The eyes would start getting the pain.

The eyes would be swollen.

The eyes become reddish and start watering.

First Aid for Eye injuries from Corrosive Chemicals

Don’t rub the eye.

Gently hold the eye to be open and keep it under the cold running water down the tap water. Or water from glass or jug can also be used.

Continue it to keep for ten minutes.

Now cover the eye that is injured safe with the sterile dressing. 

Secure the eye carefully with the bandage.

Take the person to the hospital for the medical help without any delay. 

Do not try to rub the eye hard and the corrosive element could further harm the eye, in fact do not allow the person to touch his or her eye. 

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