Sunday, 13 November 2016

First Aid for Electric Shock

Electric shock could occur when the human being comes into direct contact with the source of the electricity. It causes, there would be sufficient current to be passed through the skin, then through muscles and also through the hair. If the current is small, it can be imperceptible and if there is any larger current is passed through the body, it would not let to leave the electric source. Still more current could cause even damage to the tissues.

Symptoms of Electric Shock

The person would become unconscious.

There would be burns seen on the skin of the person.

First Aid for Electric Shock

First Aid for Electric Shock

Immediately switch of the power or current preferably from the main point.

Break the contact of the electric source and the person using non-conductive and dry source. Use something like broom, dry stick or newspaper that is rapped. 

Now approach the person and recover him or her.

 Check the pulse and breathing of the person.

Call immediately for ambulance. 

If the person is shocked from the high voltages, switch off the mains and call for an ambulance immediately and stay with the person until the medical help is supplied.

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