Saturday, 12 November 2016

First Aid for Ear Injuries

When a strong hit or impression on the ear is happened, it may cause the ear to get injury. And it can be a minor or major injury. Wrestling is also one of the reasons for these injuries. 

Symptoms of Ear Injuries

The pain would be started in the ear.

Bleeding may start from the ear.

The ear may start leaking watery fluid or blood.

In some cases, it may cause loss of hearing.

First Aid for Ear Injuries

First Aid for Ear Injuries

Let the person to sit down. 

Let him or her to lean the head towards the injured side.

The ear is needed to be sterile dressed. And it has to be holding firmly by her or him.

Take the person for the medical help and also ensure that the head is properly inclined towards the side of the injury.

Never insert or plug anything into the ear canal. Leakage of blood or water fluid also may be the indication of the head injury and so needs the medical help immediately. If it is head injury, it can be life threatening and so should not be delayed in any circumstance.

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