Thursday, 10 November 2016

First Aid for Drowning

Drowning is an experience of respiratory impairment caused from the immersion of the liquid. When the person gets survived, the drowning would be understood as near drowning. It could cause water inhalation and may lead to unconsciousness. The drowned person has to be continuously taken care after 72 hours. 

Symptoms of Drowning

When somebody drowns, it could cause hypothermia.

The person could become unconscious. 

First Aid for Drowning

Try to rescue using the rope or stick, but don’t danger your life if you don’t know swimming.

Once the person is out of water, keep his or head lower than the chest. 

If the person cannot breath, call immediately for ambulance and if possible start artificial ventilation. 

If the person drank more water, lift his or her lower back to clear water from the stomach.

Get the person in a recovery position if the pulse and breath are there. Now insulate him or her from the cold.

Once the person comes to consciousness, the person has to be treated for hypothermia from further medical help. 

Do not danger your life, unless fine, in rescuing the person and try for immediate medical help.

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