Tuesday, 8 November 2016

First Aid for Dislocations

Dislocation is also called as luxation that is occurred from abnormal separation at the junction point, where two or more than two bones are met together. If the dislocation is partial, it is called subluxation. A strong impact or fall can cause this dislocation. The dislocation of the joint could damage the tendons, nerves, muscles and ligaments to damage. It can be caused on any minor or major dislocation and common dislocation is shoulder dislocation.

Symptoms of Dislocations

When the body part is moved, there would be severe pain.

The affected joint would be very difficult to move.

There would be a swelling over the dislocated part.

Bruising is also found on the dislocated area.

The dislocation may also cause a shock.

The joint would appear unusually. 

First Aid for Dislocations

Let the joint be rested and supported in the most comfortable position to the person.

Apply a cold compress or an ice pack on the dislocated joint area directly on the skin.

The person has to be immediately taken to the hospital for the medical help.

At any cost, do not try to push the bone to its position.

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