Friday, 4 November 2016

First Aid for Crush Injury

Crush injuries are those injuries caused when any part or parts of the body get crushed under any heavy objects. It needs immediate medical attention and an ambulance has to be called immediately for immediate medical help to minimize the risk. Here under are few first aid preliminary precautions to be taken before further medical aid is provided.

Crush Injuries Symptoms

The part of the body is crushed under any heavier object.

There could be a mild or hard fracture happened to the part of the body.

It could cause the internal bleeding, which can’t be seen out.

There would be external bleeding. 

The person might get shocked right after the accident.

First Aid for Crush Injuries

Remove the person and the connected part of the body from under the heavy object as soon as possible.

If any fractures are there cover it with cloth immediately and hold it carefully or rest on the base.

Stop the bleeding if seen externally.

Check the physical and mental condition of the person to ensure that they are calm and confident. 

If there is a rescuer from this crush or accident, ensure that they are also mentally calm and safe. 

Give moral support to the person.

Consistently monitor the condition of the person in terms of the vital signs carefully. 

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