Wednesday, 2 November 2016

First Aid for Convulsions

Convulsions are seen as the body of the human being all of a sudden repeatedly shakes. This shaking would be uncontrolled and is seen it as a special medical condition. Convulsions generally occur with the young children. It happens because of the muscles that contract and relax very rapidly. It is sometimes referred as a seizure. Convulsion first aid is always better to have in handy, here under get the same along with the Convulsions symptoms.

Symptoms of Convulsions

The child would feel twitching.

The child would start feeling rigid body or shaking.

Sometimes, the child might become unconscious in severe conditions.

The skin may become flushed and hot.

Clenched fists could be started up.

The child might feel difficulty in breathing.

First Aid for Convulsions

If the condition is severe or doubtful, call an ambulance immediately or take the child to the hospital.

Any of the nearby object that could harm the child should be removed.

Remove the clothing, so that they feel free, relaxed.

Sponge the body of the child using tepid water in order to cool the body.

If it is possible, put the child in the recovery position.

It is important that the child should be restrained during a fit. It needs immediate medical help if convulsions repeat for 10 minutes.

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