Thursday, 20 October 2016

First Aid for Animal Bites

A bite of an animal with its poisonous teeth becomes a wound on a human body. There should be some standards followed by the person, who receives the wounds so that the bites would not lead to rabies virus or parvovirus infected into the body. If the bite is deep to the bone, it would be called as osteomylitis, which sometimes becomes even life-threatening. 

Symptoms of Animal Bites

The first symptom seen is the bleeding from the area, where the skin is bitten.

There can also be a puncture wound, which could possibly go quite deep.

First aid for Animal Bites

Right after the bite, wash the bitten area immediately by keeping it under the fast flowing cool water.

Pat the skin to dry slowly.

Take a clean and washed cloth and do immediate sterile dressing.

In case the bite goes deeper and continuously bleeds faster, you need apply pressure on the wound, after rising the limb or part of the body that has been affected.

Take the person immediately to the hospital.

Either the wound is smaller or severe, it is mandatory to meet the doctor, so that there would be no further health problems. 

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