Sunday, 23 October 2016

First Aid for Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is losing blood that occurs with a vascular system into the body space or body cavity. Sometimes it would be medical emergency according to the location and rate of the bleeding. If neglected or not taken the help of the doctor it can cause cardiac arrest and sometimes death.

Symptoms of Internal Bleeding

The skin starts looking cold, clammy or pale.

Rapid and weak pulse would be found from the body.

The part of the bleeding could cause pain.

The normal levels would be incremented to higher levels.

There can be confusion generated when performing the tasks.

When it becomes severe, the patient would be unconscious.

Sometimes the patient would cough up the blood.

Internal Bleeding may result in blood in faeces.

It may also result in urine.

There can be severe bruising

First Aid for Internal Bleeding

Call ambulance for the help once Internal Bleeding is realized.

Get the patient lye on the bed.

Raise the legs to a higher extent.

Monitory the pulse and breathing to ensure to be normal. 

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or artificial ventilation might be necessary.

Most importantly than above all, once it is realized that there is an internal bleeding happening, do not delay to go for medical help immediately.

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