Friday, 21 October 2016

First Aid for Insect Stings

Insect stings or bites do occur when they defend themselves naturally with their natural defense mechanism or to feed off from the human body. As the insects inject acids like formic acid, the bitten area will have skin reaction causing itching after it becomes red and swell. The strings from bees, fire ants, hornets and wasps sometimes cause allergic reactions like anaphylaxis. 

Symptoms of Insect stings 

Immediately after the sting, you need to check if there is a swelling on the bitten area.

If the sting is strong, it would cause more pain and look if there is more pain.

First Aid for Insect stings 

Look at the area of the sting. If the sting is still existing and embedded, it has to be removed immediately with the help of tweezers.

You need to apply a cold compress on the sting area so it would ease the swelling.

Look at the bitten for the next day and look whether the pain and swelling exists or not.

If the swelling and pain are not controlled for the next day or if you haven’t identified which insect has bitten, then it is always suggestible to make an appointment and consult the doctor.

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