Friday, 28 October 2016

First Aid for Inhalation of fumes

Inhalation of fumes like carbon monoxide, smoke and other gases causes oxygen levels to be lessened in the tissues of the body. So, Inhalation of fumes needs medication as soon as possible. It can be smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide inhalation. It generally causes from car exhaust, emissions, blocked chimney flues, fires, coal pits, underground tanks, wells, cleaning fluids, propane stoves, glues, lighter fluids or camping gas.

Symptoms of Inhalation of fumes

The immediate problem would be difficulty in breathing.

Inhalation of fumes may cause the sufferer to start coughing and wheezing.

In some cases the symptoms may lead to headache, skin turns to be blue, nausea, confusion and sometimes may also lead to unconsciousness.

The person may start vomiting. 

Inhalation of fumes First Aid

Call immediately for an ambulance if the breath is obstructed and struggled.

Get the person out of the smoke immediately.

Bring the person from the smoking area to a fresh air environment.

Give enough space to the person to breathe air without surrounding him or her.

Keep monitoring the breathing, pulse and responsiveness.

If there is solvent abuse it would be a potential cause towards the cardiac arrest. So, ensure the person gets the medical aid immediately. 

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