Wednesday, 26 October 2016

First Aid for Hyperventilation

Hyperventilation does occur when the quantity and rate of alveolar ventilation for carbon dioxide gets exceeded to the carbon dioxide production. Eventually blood stream gets less concentrated of the carbon dioxide and later it would produce hypocapnea. It can be caused because of the emotional or physical stimuli, head injuries, air pressure at higher altitudes, cardiovascular problems, and other respiratory disorders. 

Symptoms of Hyperventilation

The breathing of the sufferer would become deeper, rapid and noisy.

The sufferer would be turned into the confusion or dizziness state of mind.

The hands and the lips start experiencing the tingling.

Headache starts sometimes.

The sufferer becomes weaker.

Sometimes seizures and fainting can be happened.

First Aid for Hyperventilation

Take the sufferer to the private place and make him or her to be relaxed.

Give some space that helps the sufferer to gain the breath.

If the hyperventilation is continued, give a paper bag and ask to breathe into the paper bag.

However do not given anything other than paper bag to breathe into and call for emergency. 

Hyperventilation is different from tachypnea which is fast breathing and so should be confused with this one.

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