Saturday, 22 October 2016

First Aid for External Bleeding

When the blood leaves the body popping out, it is called external bleeding. It may happen because of abrasion, excoriation, laceration, incision, puncture wound, contusion or gunshot wounds. The bleeding should be obstructed as soon as possible, otherwise if the bleeding continues for more than 5 cups, it would be life threatening. 

Symptoms of External Bleeding

There can be a wound that leaks the blood.

The bleeding may continue with pain or without pain, so don’t relate it to the pain.

The source may or may not be found clearly.

First Aid for External Bleeding

Apply direct pressure using the hand. There should not be any objects, which are embedded in between your hand and the wound, which could potentially be dangerous.

Clean the blood carefully and immediately without any delay.

Ensure a sterile dressing is carefully done on the wound.

If the victim could raise the limb, let it be done. If he or she cannot life the hand, let the other person help to keep the limb lifting up.

Either it is a smaller wound or a bigger wound that starts bleeding, it is necessary to consult the doctor as soon as possible to avoid any kinds of infections or health issues further.

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