Tuesday, 25 October 2016

First Aid for Choking

Choking is happened because of the mechanical obstruction for the air flow into the lungs. It partially or completely prevent breathe. It could be caused by respiratory diseases or by obstructed foreign body or larynx compressed. 

Symptoms of Choking

The person would have difficulty in breathing.

The skin and lips turn to be blue.

The person starts coughing.

Sometimes the person would feel even difficult to cough and difficult to speak.

The person may sometimes become unconscious.

First Aid for Choking

If the person is unable to breath, call the ambulance immediately. 

Let the patient cough freely.

Stand behind the person and put the arms just around and above the waist and making a fist.

Standing in the same position, pull inwards and upwards sharply.

Repeat the process if necessary.

If the person becomes unconscious, lie them, sit astride and thrust upwards and inwards below the rib-cage placing one hand on another. 

Put them in recovery position after the patient starts breathing and monitor their pulse and breathe.

Immediate help must be provided to the patient, otherwise it may lead to asphyxia and then later to anoxia which are potentially dangerous.

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