Monday, 31 October 2016

First Aid for Chest Wounds and Chest Injuries

A sudden wound in the chest could affect the lung and heart of the body.

Symptoms of Chest Wounds and Chest Injuries

The sufferer feels painful and difficult in the breath.

It leads to a state of confusion for the person.

It may sometimes leads to shock the person.

Sometimes in severe cases, the sufferer may cough the blood.

The lips as well as the skin would start turning to be blue.

If the chest wound is severe, it may make the person to be unconscious.

First Aid for Chest Wounds and Chest Injuries

Call the ambulance immediately for the medical help.

You need to cover the wound immediately using a hand or cloth.

Then cover the wound with the sterile dressing.

If the wound has gone deeper, cover it using the dressing with the help of a plastic bar or similar.

Now stick down and seal it using the tape on its four sides.

Make a complete bandage for the support.

If the person is conscious, wake him or her up and make to sit and lean the side of the wound.

If the person becomes unconscious, put him or her in the recovery position. Keep checking the pulse and breathe continuously.

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