Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Anaphylactic Shock Treatment

Anaphylaxis is a shocking allergic reaction developed very rapidly by throat swelling and itchy rash. Anaphylactic shock is one of the effects of Anaphylaxis and is closely associated to the systematic vasodilation. This eventually causes low blood pressure in the body, potentially, about less than 30% lower than the standard values. Sometimes it can become a life-threatening issue. 

Anaphylaxis Symptoms

Difficulty of breathing by the sufferer is the first symptom.

The pulse becomes rapid.

There will be a sudden rash developed on the skin and becomes a blotch eye which in turn becomes or turns into red color. 

The patient’s neck and face starts swelling rapidly.

Eyes become puffy and difficulty in the eye sight soon.

First Aid for Anaphylactic Shock

Initially, enable them to sit or relax freely and make space around that they can breathe comfortably or make them lie on their back. 

Call immediately for an ambulance.

Before ambulance is arrived, loosen the clothing and make them breathe properly.

If they don’t’ look like breathing, or move, start uninterrupted chest pressing and CPR.

If they become unconscious, immediately wake them up and put in the recovery position.

Monitor the condition of the patient in terms of pulse and breathing. 

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